Did you know?

The Antique and Class Snowmobile Club of Canada was formed in October 1982 by a small group of Canadian vintage sled enthusiasts. They believed there was enough interest at that time to start a Canadian Club, similar to the American club to which the group already belonged.

Thanks to their vision and efforts, the Antique and Classic Snowmobile Club of Canada boasts a large membership from coast to coast and across the border.

The members are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of snowmobiles and memorabilia, and the effects they have had on our culture.

Whether you own an Antique (pre-67) or Classic (pre-77) racer / special interest sled or you are just a wholehearted vintage sled enthusiast, the Antique and Classic Snowmobile Club of Canada is for you.

Membership Details

Unlike many clubs our membership term covers a single calender year (Janurary 1st to December 31st)... This not only makes it easier for us to keep the records straight, but also makes it much simpler for you to remember when your membership dues are needed.

We strive to provide you the with most information and the most value for your money; as such we have kept and always will keep our membership dues as low as possible.

At present our yearly membership dues are $20.00 CAD. However in the event that you wish to join the club part way through the year we will not turn you away or make you wait. What we would do in that case is a proration of $5.00 CAD per quarter remaining in the current calender year.

For example if you join the 1st of June you are at the half-way mark... So the membership costs would be $5.00 CAD per quarter remaining (2) + $20.00 CAD for the next years membership. Equaling $30.00 CAD.

Please note there is a $3.00 surcharge for online membership registration. This is to cover the cost of Paypal transaction fees.

Enough Info... How do I join?

That's a great question... In the past there was only one way to join the club... By filling out a big ol' form by hand, mailing it and a cheque half way across the country and then waiting for weeks for the postal system to do its wonderfully slow job. Fortunately we are able to fore-go that joyus tradition and resort to a more modern method of communication known as the internet!

I know what you might be thinking... "Well what if I don't want to submit all my information over the internet... Can I still join the club?"

The answer to that would be of course YES! We are still accepting paper applications for membership. However one thing to keep in mind, internet registration gives you virtually instant access to all of the membership perks as well as the ability to pay your dues online, no more cheque book!

If you just want to use the Forums, you can just go here and register for free. But keep in mind by joining the ACSCC, you help support this web site, so why not do both?"

Internet Registration, quick and simple! Snail Mail Registration, slow and complex...

Looking to Renew your membership online?

Head on over to the online membership area and follow the instructions there to renew your membership!